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What to Bring
What to Bring

Coming to Bellwood: What you need to know.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not permitted while at Bellwood. Clients are advised to leave their cell phones at home, however if brought, they will be placed in safekeeping and returned upon departure.

What to bring

What not to bring

Please note that if any of these items are brought to Bellwood, they will be placed in safekeeping and will not be available for your use during treatment.

Clothing guidelines

Footwear must be worn at all times and should be appropriate for program activity.

The following items of clothing are not permitted for Bellwood clients

Please note that as part of our infection control policy, upon admission, all belongings will be screened by our staff in the presence of clients. Luggage and bags will be steamed and clothes may be ‘flash dried’ if required.

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