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Continuing Care

Continuing Care Program

Bellwood’s Continuing Care Program is your key to a strong recovery.

Continuing Care and Support on Your Journey of Recovery

Successfully completing an addiction treatment program is a milestone and an achievement. But your journey of recovery does not end there. At Bellwood, we understand that many challenges lay ahead of you. That's why we provide an aftercare program to ensure that you continue to receive the support and guidance you need to rebuild your life. Continuing care is the key for long-term sobriety.

Why is Continuing Care Important for Recovery?

The hardest part of sobriety is continuously practicing your newly acquired skills once you leave rehab. At Bellwood, we believe in going beyond standard care. We believe that providing continued care for clients is a vital step in ensuring lifelong recovery. Our research shows that 83% of Bellwood clients who attended the Continuing Care program with at least one other regular support, achieved high recovery at six months follow-up.

Continuing Care/Aftercare Programs

Continuing Care Program

Mini-Treatment Program

Aftercare for Family Members


What’s My Next Step?

A good starting point is to call and speak with one of our addiction specialists. They can help you identify your needs and discuss your options and next steps. Your phone consultation is free and confidential.

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Why Choose Bellwood

When it comes to addiction recovery, you and your loved ones deserve the very best. We are an accredited and internationally recognized centre of excellence with a 30 year history of helping individuals and families heal. Our programs use evidence-based treatment models, have high success rates, and are delivered by addiction experts with a deep commitment to help you recover.
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Success Stories

I have a 34 year old son who is a recovering alcoholic. He is married with a baby daughter. He is over one year sober after attending the Bellwood program,...

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To list the essential and practical ways in which Bellwood and it’s highly professional staff contributed to my recovery is somewhat like recovery itself...

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My drinking was out of control and my life in chaos. I was isolating from my family and friends to drink, damaging the important relationships in my life. I...

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Success Rates

Success Rates

Recovery Rates with Aftercare

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