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Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

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Take the first step to know if you have an eating disorder.

What are Eating Disorders?

"Eating disorder" is a term for a group of serious disorders in which individuals jeopardize both mental and physical functioning due to problematic relationships with food and body image. These disorders can at times be life-threatening. These problematic relationships with eating and body image manifest themselves in the form of binge eating, purging, and food restriction. Those struggling with an eating disorder greatly evaluate their personal sense of self worth through weight and/or body image. Eating disorders are often accompanied by depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or substance abuse. It is crucial that all associated psychiatric problems including other addictive behaviour form part of a comprehensive treatment program so that clients can heal and achieve the life they aspire to live. Eating disorders take various forms:

A Self Assessment for Eating Disorders: The SCOFF Questionnaire*

Below is a self- screening questionnaire called, The SCOFF test, designed by researchers at St George's Hospital in London to help detect the eating disorders Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Take this screening questionnaire to see how you might score on the SCOFF test. Please note that although this questionnaire can be an effective predictor for detecting anorexia and bulimia nervosa, it is designed to raise suspicion of a likely case, rather than to diagnose.

Instructions: Please answer yes or no to each of the following questions:

1 Do you make yourself Sick because you feel uncomfortably full? y n
2 Do you worry you have lost Control over how much you eat? y n
3 Have you recently lost more than 14 lbs in a 3 month period? y n
4 Do you believe yourself to be Fat when others say you are too thin? y n
5 Would you say that Food dominates your life? y n

Source: John F Morgan, clinical research fellow a, Fiona Reid, lecturer in medical statistics b, J Hubert Lacey, professor a. Department of Psychiatry, St George's Hospital Medical School, London SW17 0RE, b Department of Public Health Sciences, St George's Hospital Medical School

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