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Are Eating Disorders Addictions? , 31.08.10

By: Lauren Goldhamer, M.Ed

(Originally published in Winter issue of Moods Magazine, 2009:

Researchers, clinicians, and those affected have long noted the similarities between eating disorders and addictions. Behaviours such as self starvation, frequent bingeing and purging, or compulsive exercise can be so self-perpetuating that some have asked if eating disorders are actually a form of addiction.



Binge Eating Disorder: An Overlooked Eating Disorder , 13.07.10

By: Lauren Goldhamer, M.Ed

(Originally published in the Summer issue of Moods Magazine, 2006: )

I have battled with my weight for many years. As a chubby young child, my family frequently commented about my size and teased me about my "baby fat."  When I got a bit older, my mother put me on various diets and I was often denied the same desserts and treats that my siblings were allowed. At school I was teased because of my size. I had few friends.


Love Addiction: When Desire Becomes Dependency , 11.08.10

By: Marta Durski, DMIN, RMFT

(Originally published in the Spring issue of Moods Magazine 2008:

It's a universal experience. Listen to the radio, watch television, or read a magazine and chances are that you will encounter the theme of love. Someone is breaking up, making up or captivated by the ups and downs of love. It's what makes songs meaningful and stories enthralling. Even if we consider the focus of many of our discussions, the topic of love is often a central subject. We relate to mates, complain about their absences and hope to capture that elusive feeling of ‘being in love.' Regardless of time, culture or age, we have been fascinated, driven and even obsessed by love. Truly, as the old saying goes: "Love makes the world go round."


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The Emotional Meaning of Money , 31.07.12

By: Edith Townsend, MSW, RSW

(Originally published in the Summer issue of Moods Magazine, 2012:

There are few words that can elicit such a strong emotional reaction from us: fear, excitement, anxiety, and guilt. These feelings come from the myriad of different beliefs we have about money. Think about some common adages we often hear: Money buys happiness; Money is the root of all evil; Money will protect me. 


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Gambling - The Hidden Addiction , 31.08.10

By Edith Sworobowicz, MSW, RSW

(Originally published in the Fall issue of Moods Magazine, 2006:

Most people know the dangers of drugs and alcohol, particularly when they lead to addiction. Teachers, families, the media and our government have provided these awareness messages. We have all been exposed to ‘say no to drugs' campaigns and have been
relatively well informed about the excess use of substances and their negative effects to our physical and mental health, our relationships, our work life, and our communities.


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Employees and Addiction: It is your Business… , 13.01.14

By Simone Arbour, PhD.

Addiction permeates all aspects of an individual’s life – it affects their health, their relationships, their emotional well-being and it can also impact their work. Approximately 77% of individuals struggling with addiction are employed.

(Originally published in the Winter issue of Moods Magazine, 2013:


Helping An Employee With An Addiction - Can be an organization's greatest health and wellness achievement , 02.06.11

BY: Julie Bowles and Simone Arbour

(Originally published in Summer Issue of Moods Magazine 2009,

Over the past few years, there has been a shift in what defines a successful organization. No longer is the balance sheet the main indicator. Now, healthy workplaces and quality health and wellness programs are one of the most important measurements of successful organizations.


How to Regulate Intense Emotions Through Grounding, Presence, and Power of Choice , 02.05.11

By: Glen Rowe, BA, BED

(Originally published in Spring Issue of Moods Magazine 2011, )

For recovering addicts like Wanda, that moment when emotions take over and old patterns of behaviour kick in is a crucial moment for recovery. In order for an addict to respond to a triggering situation in a new health-promoting way, she has to notice when the thought patterns emerge that drive the emotions behind her problematic behaviour, and to engage the new self-talk that will inspire healthier choices


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Managing Addiction in the Workplace , 11.02.11

(Originally Published in Winter issue of Moods Magazine, 2011:

Most people might imagine an addict as an unkempt individual living on the streets. Surprisingly only about three per cent of people with alcohol problems are on skid row.


Hope - A Cornerstone of Addiction Recovery , 05.01.10

By: Trevor Swanson

(Originally published in the Winter issue of Moods Magazine, 2010)

The disease of addiction permeates all aspects of the individual including their mental, social, and physical health. Addiction is also a spiritual disease, but it is not always considered as such.


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