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Are Eating Disorders Addictions? , 31.08.10

By: Lauren Goldhamer, M.Ed

(Originally published in Winter issue of Moods Magazine, 2009:

Researchers, clinicians, and those affected have long noted the similarities between eating disorders and addictions. Behaviours such as self starvation, frequent bingeing and purging, or compulsive exercise can be so self-perpetuating that some have asked if eating disorders are actually a form of addiction.



Binge Eating Disorder: An Overlooked Eating Disorder , 13.07.10

By: Lauren Goldhamer, M.Ed

(Originally published in the Summer issue of Moods Magazine, 2006: )

I have battled with my weight for many years. As a chubby young child, my family frequently commented about my size and teased me about my "baby fat."  When I got a bit older, my mother put me on various diets and I was often denied the same desserts and treats that my siblings were allowed. At school I was teased because of my size. I had few friends.


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