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The Emotional Meaning of Money , 31.07.12

By: Edith Townsend, MSW, RSW

(Originally published in the Summer issue of Moods Magazine, 2012:

There are few words that can elicit such a strong emotional reaction from us: fear, excitement, anxiety, and guilt. These feelings come from the myriad of different beliefs we have about money. Think about some common adages we often hear: Money buys happiness; Money is the root of all evil; Money will protect me. 


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Gambling - The Hidden Addiction , 31.08.10

By Edith Sworobowicz, MSW, RSW

(Originally published in the Fall issue of Moods Magazine, 2006:

Most people know the dangers of drugs and alcohol, particularly when they lead to addiction. Teachers, families, the media and our government have provided these awareness messages. We have all been exposed to ‘say no to drugs' campaigns and have been
relatively well informed about the excess use of substances and their negative effects to our physical and mental health, our relationships, our work life, and our communities.


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