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Press Releases

Press Releases

Binge Eating Disorder Deserving of More Recognition and Treatment Options

Eating Disorder Awareness Week is February 1–7, 2015 and Bellwood Health Services is using this opportunity to raise awareness of Binge Eating Disorder - the most common but least talked about type of eating disorders.

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The Gordon Bell Journalism Award for 2014

Addictions and Mental Health Ontario is calling for nominations for the 2014 Gordon Bell Journalism Award. This award pays tribute to those who step forward as journalists and writers, to promote understanding and action in addressing issues related to addiction and related problems. Nomination information is available at

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Eating Disorders and Addiction Often Go Hand in Hand

It is a known fact that close to one million Canadians struggle with anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating or overeating. Often overlooked, however, is the fact that many of these people also struggle with a substance abuse problem or other addiction.

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Recovery Day Toronto 2013

On Sunday, September 8th, Toronto will join with 11 other cities across Canada to celebrate recovery from addiction. This grassroots event began in western Canada in 2012 as a way for individuals and their families and friends to step forward and publicly demonstrate that recovery from addiction is possible. Bellwood Health Services is proud to be a sponsor of this ground-breaking event.

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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Often the Next Step for PTSD Sufferers

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma resulting from the occupational demands of police officers, firefighters and Canada’s military personnel can be as life threatening as cancer and heart disease. The seriousness of the mental health issues that these individuals struggle with is being recognized and discussions about support and treatment are becoming a priority amongst healthcare professionals and occupational groups.

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Addiction and Mental Illness... The Stakes are High but the Opportunity is Great

(Toronto, ON – October 12, 2012) This week’s release of the ground-breaking study “Opening Eyes, Opening Minds: The Ontario Burden of Mental Illness and Addictions Report” provides a shocking perspective on the impact that mental illness and addiction has on the health and lives of Ontarians. Considered to be a valid indicator of the health burden across the country, the new report highlights how deep the burden of mental illness and addiction runs through our homes and communities.

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Toronto Star Columnist Joe Fiorito Honoured with Gordon Bell Journalism Award for Advocacy of Addiction Issues

(Toronto, ON – May 24, 2011) Bellwood Health Services is pleased to announce that the 2011 recipient of the Gordon Bell Award for Journalism is Joe Fiorito, columnist for the Toronto Star.

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Eating disorders a deadly quest for perfection

At the age of 13, Sonia got her first prescription for diet pills, having been scared into a doctor's office by the onset of puberty.

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This Week's LOTTO MAX $50 Million Jackpot Can Be A Problem for Gamblers

(Toronto, ON – June 22, 2010) With a $50 Million jackpot and another $55 million in individual prizes up for grabs this Friday, many Canadians will be choosing their lucky numbers and purchasing their “winning“ tickets in the hopes of living a life of wealth… or at least cashing in on a secure retirement plan.

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Online Video Gaming - When Does It Become A Health Hazard

(Toronto, ON – April 28, 2010) The recent launch of the popular gaming television series, Pure Pwnage, to Showcase Network, reflects a growing interest and devotion to gaming culture which doctors and healthcare workers alike find worrisome.

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Helping Families Cope With An Eating Disorder

(Toronto, ON – February 1, 2010) Reports show that of all Canadians 15 years and older, 2.8% of women are at risk of an eating disorder, and 1.7% in total (men and women) are at risk. From February 1-7, groups across Canada will come together to commemorate Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

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Understanding Addiction is the First Step Towards Recovery

Contact: Julie Bowles
(416) 847-0751 or (800) 387-6198, Ext. 315

(Toronto, ON – November 10, 2009) November 15-21, 2009 is National Addiction Awareness Week in Canada. Across the country, community groups, schools and workplaces will host workshops and seminars to raise awareness about addiction and foster healthy attitudes toward this national health crisis.

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Bellwood Launches New Dynamic Addiction Resource Website

(Toronto, ON – October 26, 2009) Bellwood Health Services is pleased to announce the launching of its new interactive website, designed to help users learn about addiction and find treatment and support resources.

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How Much Sex is Too Much Sex?

(Toronto, ON- September 15, 2009) Celebrated Panel of Addiction Experts in Toronto to Analyze The Many Faces of Addiction at a Symposium Presented by Bellwood Health Services

Addiction rates in Canada are on the rise, led by new and emerging addictions in the areas of sex and the Internet which are becoming intrinsically intertwined. The accessibility and convenience of the Internet has made it the “supplier” for those struggling with sexual addiction, problem gambling, and gaming, to name a few. While the Internet is playing a pivotal role in changing the face of addictions in Canada, the prevalence of drug and alcohol addiction continues to be as high, or even higher, than ever before. Substance abuse in Canada grips millions of individuals and their families, and puts workplaces and society at risk. In the end, substance abuse costs Canada $40 billion per year, yet most Canadians struggling with an addiction do not receive the help they need.

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Renowned Canadian Addiction Treatment Centre Continues Family Legacy

(Toronto, ON-July 16,2009) In 1984, the late Dr. Gordon Bell and his daughter Linda Bell opened the doors of Bellwood Health Services to their first client. Today, as they celebrate 25 years of providing quality addiction treatment and education- the words Dr. Bell had often said, "It has been a privilege to be of service", ring true.

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Bellwood Draws on Founder's Legacy to Provide Canadian Soldiers with Effective Treatment for Posttraumtic Stress Disorder and Addictions

(Toronto, ON-June 16, 2009) Trauma or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use problems often co-occur, especially of hazardous occupations. As members of the Canadian Forces return from Afghanistan, it is becoming apparent that an increasing number of soldiers require treatment for these complex problems.

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From Heroin To Methadone To Abstinence - New Treatment Program Helps Individuals Seeking A Complete Recovery

(Toronto, ON-April 14,2009) Methadone maintenance therapy has been used for decades as a means for individuals to recover from their addiction to heroin and other opioids. Methadone is a narcotic usually offered to patients as a long-term opioid replacement geared towards reducing the harms associated with addiction.

While methadone maintenance treatment can be viewed as a safe alternative for someone struggling with an opioid addiction, many individuals would prefer not to take any narcotic on an ongoing basis. To meet this need, Bellwood Health Services is now offering a Methadone Tapering and Addiction Treatment Program...

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50-80% of Impaired Drivers Have Substance Abuse Problems-Treatment Can Be A Solution For Safer Roads

(Toronto, ON-March 31, 2009) The Ministry of Transportation's Ontario Road Safety Annual Report revealed that 4,059 individuals were convicted of impaired driving in 2005. It has also been found that an average year between 1999-2006, impaired driving killed 1,212 persons and cost Canadians $1.90 billion in deaths, injury and property damage (Applied Research and Evaluation Services, 2009). What is alarming about these statistics is that anywhere between 50-80% of individuals charged with impaired driving have substance abuse problems (DiStefano & Hohman,2007).

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National Non-Smoking Week 2008 - Quitting Smoking is a Tough Task- But Possible!

(Toronto, ON-January 18, 2008) At some point in time, most of us have had this conversation with a friend, colleague or family member.
Most of us know someone who has tried to kick the habit, but unfortunately, because of the strong pull of their addiction to nicotine wound up smoking again.
Most of us also know smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in Canada. (Health Canada)
Most of us also know a family member or friend who continues to smoke.

What we may not know is that in 2005, 19% of daily smokers in Canada attempted to quit 2-3 times, and 14% attempted to quit 4 or more times.
What we may not know is that in 2005, slightly fewer than 5 million Canadians aged 15 and older were smokers - approximately 19% of the population. (Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey 2005)

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Bellwood Hosts Eating Disorders Community Awareness Evening

(Toronto, ON-January 15, 2008) Over the past 30 years, society has witnessed an explosive increase in the incidence of eating disorders. While eating disorders continue to have devastating effects on the lives of countless individuals and their families, the condition itself continues to be poorly understood.

On Monday, February 4th, 2008, Bellwood Health Services will host a Community Awareness Evening, “Are Eating Disorders Addictions?” facilitated by eating disorders specialist, Dr. Joan M. Johnston, MD. This educational event is being held in support of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, February 3-9, 2008.

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