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Video Resources

Video Resources

The Truth About Sex Addiction

Featured in CBS Healthwatch: In the wake of the recent revelation that "X-Files" actor David Duchovny has entered rehab in order to treat a sex addiction, psychologist Jeff Gardere discusses treatment for this disorder.

If You're Wondering What Rehab Is Like At Bellwood, This Video Will Help

Undertaking treatment for an addiction can be difficult. It can be an anxious decision, and you probably wonder what rehab is going to be like. This video describes exactly what you can expect when you enter Bellwood to heal your addiction.

If You Think You Might Be Addicted, this Video Will Help

This video presents a series of questions that may help you determine if you have an addiction - 'What signs are telling you to seek help?'. By watching this video you will be taking the first courageous step to discovering if something serious is going on and if you need help.

If Someone You Love is Addicted, this Video Will Help

This video explains what to do when someone you love is addicted, and how to help them in their recovery. An addict in the family will have a devastating effect on you, your partner and your loved ones. Feelings of embarrassment and shame can often result in a distancing from extended family and friends. You may feel isolated and unable to talk to anyone about how you are feeling. By watching this video you are taking the first step on the road to recovery.

Bellwood Testimonials - Rob's Story

Rob's life was a train wreck waiting to happen. He was drinking in excess every day and often having blackouts and not remembering many hours of the night before. He had hurt those in his life closest to him with his drinking, lying and all the baggage that comes with an addiction. In this video Rob shares his recovery journey of how he was nervous attending Bellwood and how the staff made him feel comfortable and unjudged. He learned many new skills to deal with his addiction, and says Bellwood was one of the best decisions of his life. Today Rob is sober and his life is amazing!

Bellwood Testimonials - B.Z.'s Story

B.Z. knew she needed help desperately. Her life was completely out of control and she felt she was slowly dying from alcohol abuse. She could not stop drinking which lead her to feel helpless, hopeless and broken. B.Z. has been sober since July 23, 2007. Today she is living life on life’s terms, reaching out for help when she needs it and is living one day at a time. She has my family back in her life and states her treatment experience at Bellwood as the most important thing she has ever done in her life.

Bellwood Testimonials - Family Program and Family Aftercare

Heddy is a mother of two adult children, a daughter who is 38, and a son who is 34. Her son is a recovering alcoholic. Her husband and she struggled with his addiction since he was 18. Her family went through many years of personal angst and marital strife surrounding her sons drinking. Heddy shares her experience with the Family Program and Family Aftercare, and how these programs given them knowledge and new insights into understanding of the addictive personality, and have gained new patience and trust in dealings with their son.

Bellwood Testimonials - Beverly B.'s Story

Beverly was in a very unhealthy marriage. In response to her profound unhappiness she began to drink. Frist in a social drinking setting which quickly led to drinking to cope and escape her unhappiness. Her drinking landed her into detox five times and two rehabs before coming to Bellwood. Beverly shares how she enjoyed her experience at Bellwood because of its holistic approach topped with a long-term aftercare program. Today she is enjoying life and able to think things through very clearly and make good decisions for her sobriety.

How the Intensive Outpatient Program for Alcohol and Drugs Can Help You

Bellwood's Intensive Outpatient Program for Alcohol and Drugs is a multi-phased, year-long, comprehensive and structured program. It provides group counselling, relapse prevention, education and support that will help you begin your journey of recovery.

This video answers some of the most frequently asked questions on Bellwood's Intensive Outpatient Program for Alcohol and Drugs.

Many Faces of Addiction Symposium 2012 Promo 1

The 'Many Faces of Addiction Symposium' at the Ontario Science Centre is recognized as the leading event of its kind in Canada and brings together thought leaders from across the continent to share research and best practices around the treatment of addiction and mental health.
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