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If Someone You Love is Addicted, this Video Will Help

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Families suffer when a loved one is addicted. Watching someone you love with an addiction brings pain, fear and frustration to the whole family. Chaos reigns with lies, broken trust, guilt and even financial disaster.

Addiction: A Family Disease

Addiction is a family disease that can result in devastating consequences. It affects everyone around the addict – spouses and partners, parents, children, brothers and sisters, and friends. Relationships suffer, and families struggle and fall into crisis. Family members become progressively isolated and react in unhealthy ways, terrified of losing their loved ones. The inherent shame and stigma of addiction prevents many family members from reaching out for help. Families suffer in silence, and if left untreated, the harmful effects of addiction can last a lifetime.

You Are Not Alone. Help is Available!

One of the hardest parts of having an addict in the family is reaching out for help. But help is available—for you and your family, as well as your loved one who is addicted. You are not alone!

Programs and Services for Families

At Bellwood, we offer a number of addiction treatment services and programs to help you and your family rebuild your lives, including:

Family Program

Family Interventions

Individual, Couples and Family Counselling

Continuing Care Program for Families

What’s My Next Step?

A good starting point is to call and speak with one of our addiction specialists. They can help you identify your families needs and discuss your options and next steps. Your phone consultation is free and confidential.

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FAQ for Families

To help address some of your concerns, we’ve compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions about addiction.
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Our Success Rates

Our rehab treatment works! Research shows our clients experienced success rates of 83% for substance addictions.
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