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Make A Referral

Make A Referral

80% success rate for clients referred by their healthcare professional.

Referring your patients to Bellwood

Thank you for choosing Bellwood Health Services to help your patient recover!

At Bellwood, we work in partnership with you to ensure the best possible opportunity for recovery for your patient. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, psychologist, social worker or therapist, we can support you by providing quality treatment programs and services, education and training.

How to Make a Referral

Our referral process is simple and straightforward. Individuals may self-refer, or you can make a referral on their behalf.

A referral can be made in one of the following 3 easy ways:

Our knowledgeable staff are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Referral Process

  1. Your first call to us – An Intake Counsellor will answer your questions and discuss possible options for your patient.
  2. The Assessment – An in-person assessment will be booked, and if your patient lives out of town, we will arrange a telephone assessment. An Assessment Counsellor will meet with your patient and complete a comprehensive addiction assessment, which will determine their suitability for a Bellwood program.
  3. Admission and Treatment – Based on the outcome of the assessment, your patient will be given a recommendation for specialized residential or outpatient treatment at Bellwood. If we do not feel Bellwood is the best treatment option, we will refer your patient to other available programs and services. With your patient’s consent, we will keep you informed of their progress from initial assessment to final discharge.

Helpful Information during an Assessment

In order for us to provide the best care, having the following information would be helpful, but not necessary, when conducting an assessment:

  • Addiction history and presenting problems
  • Previous addiction treatment history
  • Relevant medical and psychological reports
  • Medications, psychiatric and non‐psychiatric

We Offer Your Patients:

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Why Partner With Bellwood?

Bellwood Health Services is an accredited and internationally recognized centre of excellence with a 30 year history of helping individuals and families heal. Our programs use evidence-based treatment models, have high success rates, and are delivered by addiction experts with a deep commitment to help you recover.
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