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Addiction Treatment Programs For Healthcare Professionals

Addiction Treatment Programs For Healthcare Professionals

An addiction treatment program to help those who help others.

Getting the treatment you need

Working on the front lines of health care often means stress-filled days as you strive to meet the needs of as many people as possible in the face of limited resources. Sometimes the pressure can become overwhelming, leading to problematic behaviours such as dependence on drugs or alcohol. Bellwood’s Healthcare Professionals Recovery Program can help you:

Our Healthcare Professionals Recovery Program also offers:

Getting you back to work

We understand how important your work is to you. That’s why our Healthcare Professionals Recovery Program can include a comprehensive work re-entry strategy developed specifically for you. With your consent and as appropriate, we will work with your employer and licensing board to determine any restrictions or adjustments in your job during your stages of recovery. We will also help your employer assess your readiness to resume safety-sensitive duties and ensure a stable reintegration into your working environment.

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