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Methadone Tapering and Treatment

A specialized treatment program that addresses both your methadone use and your addiction

Methadone Tapering and Addiction Treatment Program

Bellwood has been helping individuals and families recover from addictions for 30 years. Our Methadone Tapering and Addiction Treatment Program helps individuals currently on methadone, who want to taper off methadone while concurrently addressing their addiction through a comprehensive treatment program.

This specialized treatment program is delivered in three key phases:

Phase 1: Outpatient Tapering

In this initial phase, the individual is assessed by a Bellwood physician to discuss their goals and create a methadone-tapering plan. During this outpatient phase of the program, the individual will be tapered off of methadone under the supervision of a Bellwood physician, or another qualified physician.

Phase 2: Residential Treatment

Once the target dose of methadone is reached, the individual is admitted into Bellwood's residential treatment program and switched to Suboxone as part of the medically supervised withdrawal phase. Suboxone tapering is then initiated within the residential treatment phase.  The tapering process will be closely monitored by Bellwood's physicians, and the length of time for tapering will depend on the individual's needs.  Some individuals may be completely tapered off of Subxone prior to completion of the residential treatment phase, and some clients will require a longer tapering period.

Phase 3: Outpatient Continuing Recovery

Our research has found long-term support to be a critical factor for successful recovery. For this reason, we provide clients with one year of intensive aftercare support as a key part of the program. After residential treatment, the client will transition to Bellwood's Continuing Health & Therapy Program which includes weekly group counselling sessions and individual support for clients within commuting distance of Bellwood. Out-of-town clients typically return to Bellwood every few months for our "mini-treatment programs."

Bellwood's Mini Treatment Program is an intensive two and a half day refresher course designed for those individuals who live out-of-town. This course will support the continuing aftercare you are participating in within your home community.  

For more information about our Methadone Tapering and Addiction Treatment Program, please call 1-800-387-6198.

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