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Problem Gambling Treatment Program

Problem Gambling Treatment Program

A specialized program addressing the unique issues of problem gamblers.

A serious problem with harmful financial and emotional consequences

Whether it involves lottery tickets, poker, video lottery terminals, slot machines, online gambling or day trading, a gambling addiction is a serious problem that ultimately leads to harmful financial and emotional consequences - regardless of how often you win or lose. If gambling is no longer a casual social activity for you but rather a way of life that lets you escape from reality or achieve an adrenaline high, then you need help.

Bellwood offers hope and recovery to addicted gamblers through our intensive Problem Gambling Treatment Program. Using a holistic approach that considers every facet of the individual, we address the unique issues of problem gambling - such as guilt, anger and shame- and work to identify the factors that trigger this problem, establish positive behaviours, and create financial and money management strategies.

Bellwood's Problem Gambling Treatment Program includes:

  • Addiction education
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Nutrition education and counselling
  • Physical education and fitness
  • Anger management techniques
  • Stress management techniques
  • 12-Step support
  • Relapse prevention
  • Continuing Care after completion of the residential treatment program
  • Family Program


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To list the essential and practical ways in which Bellwood and it’s highly professional staff contributed to my recovery is somewhat like recovery itself...

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