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Eating Disorder and Addiction Treatment

Eating Disorder and Addiction Treatment Program

An innovative approach to eating disorder treatment.

Struggling with an eating disorder? We can help

Bellwood Health Services and WaterStone Clinic partner to offer quality outpatient and residential treatment for eating disorders. Through this unique collaboration, individuals can access eating disorder residential capabilities and addiction treatment through Bellwood, and eating disorder treatment through WaterStone Clinic.

WaterStone tailors treatment to the needs and preferences of each person, and provides a unique healing experience. Programs offer a unique blend of therapeutic approaches, skill development and life coaching. Available services include:

  • Programs for Adults
    • Individual therapy
    • Intensive full-day program
    • Intensive half-day program
  • Programs for Adolescents
    • Individual therapy (ages 14-17)
  • Binge Eating Disorder Programs for Adults and Adolescents
    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Customized programs

Do you also have an addiction?

If an individual is also struggling with a co-occurring addiction, clients have access to addiction-focused treatment through Bellwood.

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Before my time at Bellwood, my life was truly unmanageable. I was unable to go to work, I was a complete recluse, I spent tons of money on food and did not...

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