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Addiction & PTSD/OSI Treatment Program

PTSD / Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Preferred provider to the Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada for the concurrent treatment of addiction and PTSD since 2005.

Facing the dual challenges of addiction and PTSD/OSI

Many people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or operational stress injuries (OSI) also face the added challenge of an addiction. In fact, 36% to 52% of PTSD sufferers also abuse alcohol (Kesslar et al, 1995). Research also indicates that 34.4% of those with PTSD also had a substance use disorder (Mills et al, 2006).

If you are a member of the military, a veteran, an RCMP officer, or a first responder, Bellwood's Addiction & PTSD/OSI Treatment Program can help you recover from these dual challenges and reclaim your life.

Our program is designed specifically for the treatment of PTSD and/or operational stress injury. We recognize that the dual diagnosis of PTSD and substance abuse requires a specialized and concurrent treatment approach to maximize the potential for a successful recovery. Bellwood's program addresses your trauma and addiction at the same time - an integrated approach recommended as a best practice by Health Canada.

During this 8 ½ week residential program, our exceptional Addiction & PTSD/OSI Treatment Program Team will work closely with you to help stabilize your trauma symptoms, establish safety in a caring community environment, and overcome your dependency on alcohol and drugs.

In addition to the elements of our substance abuse treatment, our unique program includes the following trauma specific components:

  • Grounding techniques and self-regulation in depth
  • Specialized trauma-focused groups including psycho-education, cognitive behavioural therapy and symptom management
  • Weekly PTSD/OSI group therapy
  • Comprehensive anger management workshops
  • Sleep hygiene sessions
  • Individual sessions pertaining to trauma issues
  • Family services focusing on PTSD/OSI symptoms in the home and the adjustments needed when the client returns from treatment
  • Relapse prevention – 3-week small group training and education
  • 12 step/self-help, spirituality in the context of both addiction and PTSD/OSI
  • Twice weekly relaxation/massage therapy sessions
  • Twice weekly or more acupuncture sessions
  • Family services focusing on PTSD symptoms in the home and the adjustments needed when the client returns from treatment.

Ongoing recovery support

To help support your recovery after you've completed the residential program, we provide 24/7 toll free access to our emergency crisis support centre and follow up with you each week with support letters.

Depending on your needs, you may also be in contact with your recovery counsellor. If appropriate, we offer weekly aftercare support groups or our Mini-Treatment Program .

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