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Fully accessible programs and services.

Bellwood Health Services is committed to providing an accessible facility for people with a disability to access goods and services offered to the public. These goods and services will be provided in a way that takes into consideration a person’s disability while respecting the person’s dignity and independence.

To fulfill our commitment and comply with the Accessibilities for Ontarians Disabilities Act (AODA) Bellwood Health Services has developed related policies and procedures, trained staff on how to interact with people with a disability and most importantly taken measures to identify, eliminate and prevent barriers that would affect a person’s ability to access our goods and services.

Accessibility Information

Entrances, Washrooms and Elevators
  • Accessible entrances are located on the west side of the facility.
  • Accessible washrooms are located past the main floor dining room towards the north end of the facility.
  • Elevators are located throughout all wings of the facility.
Disruption of Services

Bellwood will provide a reasonable amount of notice when there is a disruption of services. There will be appropriate notifications placed through- out the facility and best efforts will be made to provide alternate accommodations to access our good and services.

Policies and Procedures

Bellwood is committed to recognizing and improving accessibility. Your feedback as to how we deliver our goods and services to people with a disability will help us increase awareness throughout the organization, and help us make the necessary changes needed to ensure we provide excellent customer service to the public.

Making Ontario Accessible | Ministry of Community and Social Services

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