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Workplace Interventions

Workplace Interventions

Expert advice on helping your employee receive the help they need to recover.

Like many other people struggling with an addiction, your employee may not be seeking help because he or she is denying there’s a problem. You can provide much-needed encouragement to get treatment by staging an intervention that includes management, co-workers, and your employee’s family members and friends.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a respectful and caring process where a trained counsellor guides you and your fellow interveners as you confront and try to motivate your employee to seek help. The earlier you intervene, the better your employee’s chances are of recovering from addiction. Early intervention can also lessen the physical, emotional and financial damage from an addiction.

How Bellwood Can Help

Our experienced, professional staff will prepare you, your team and other intervention participants through education and role-playing scenarios. Our intervention training programs involves one to three guided sessions, with each session lasting up to two hours. Participants who live out of town may be brought into the process via teleconference.

Set the Stage for a Successful Intervention

As an employer, your participation in an intervention carries considerable weight, potentially increasing the chances that your employee will seek addiction treatment. To learn more about how to carry out an intervention, talk to one of our counsellors today by calling us toll free at 1-800-387-6198.

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